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  1. Hey Anthony!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the “7 Most Offensive Adaptations of Classic Comic Books” article. I actually made the Nicholas Hammond Spidey compilation that you posted and I was stoked to see it get new life on a site that I dig so much.

    I’m glad that a fellow comic (I’m LA-based myself, by way of D.C., and toiling away behind the scenes at Current TV for college credits) was able to make use of the highly compressed, hastily edited Windows Movie Maker file I put together when I got my first awful laptop.

    And thanks for not ragging on the various horrible adaptations of Captain America. Maybe next time.

  2. Followed you here from your article on Cracked.com regarding the cartoons that didn’t see the light of day. Great stuff. I’d heard about the Gotham High cartoon (an idea SO ridiculous in its illogical absurdity I almost wish they’d done it), but not the others. My life is enriched knowing I was denied a foul-mouthed Dexter and his sister (usually, I’m only used to seeing a Dexter with a foul-mouthed sister). As an aspiring filmmaker, I’d like to know more about your films. Any links to view them or find out more about them?

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