The Anthony Scibelli Web Series

The Anthony Scibelli Web Series

For the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work, along with a brilliantly talented cast and crew, on a new web series originally titled “The Anthony Scibelli Web Series.” So please enjoy the trailer, and make sure to check out the series when we release it in January.

Comedians in Public

TV Guidance Counselor

I had the pleasure of talking TV with the great Ken Reid on his awesome podcast, TV Guidance Counselor, which is like talking music with The Beatles or talking movies with Ken Reid.

Check out the TV Guidance Counselor website or the SoundCloud here.

EDIT: Ken invited me back for a second episode, where we talked about Saturday morning cartoons. Check it out right here.


I’m very excited to announce that “Driven,” the latest film from the foxy brains at Brainfox, has won “Best Actress,” “Best Direction” and “Best Film” at the 2014 Boston 48 Hour Film Project. I helped write the film and am willing to take credit for thinking up your favorite parts.

EDIT: BIG NEWS! As of 9/28, “Driven” just won Best of the Northeast for the 48 Hour Film Project at the Independent Television Festival! Onwards to LA for the next round.

Point – Counterpoint: The Archies

In which I debate my good friend, the great Ken Reid, on the important topic of the Archies.

Anybody’s Game

Legend of Zelda: Part Three

The Ramones Show

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of the Ramones, and my obsession with the punk rock quartet has manifested itself as my new Twitter account: “The Ramones Show”

Every day, I write storylines for an imagined Ramones sitcom, starring the band as themselves. So check it out if you like high concept sitcoms, the Ramones, comedy, pizza, video games, candy. Most things, really. Just check it out if you have good taste in things.

Legend of Zelda: Part Two