UnScene Comedy

I contribute a regular column to UnSceneComedy.com, along with some other very hip, very smart comedians, writers and cartoonists.

Anthony’s Rejected Spec Scripts

Anthony Walks Through New York (Cartoon)

The Intervention of Barney Rubble

On Comedy Audiences

The Secret to Great Comedy Writing (Cartoon)

My Response to the MacArthur Genius Grant Idiots

Anthony’s Thoughts on the Election

A Brief History of Halloween

Everything’s Easier with Synesthesia

Anthony’s White House Petitions

Talkin’ Tolkien: Part 1 of 137

Talkin’ Tolkien: Part 2 of 137, a Look at the Life of J.R.R. Tolkien

It Looks Like This is the End: Thoughts on the Apocalypse

2013: By Way of 1962

Highlights from the Joey Ramone Auction

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