“Boston: A Comedy Capital”

Here’s a video of me alongside a panel of legendary Boston comedians, including Lenny Clarke, Jimmy Tingle, Tony V. & Dave Russo. It was recorded live at Giggles Comedy Club for BostonGlobe.com. I listened (& participated) in the panel in complete awe of the other performers, who have more experience doing comedy than I have being alive.

Please watch & enjoy: “Boston: A Comedy Capital”


Anthony’s “Explosion Bus” Audition

A bit of an unusual post today. It’s my audition video forĀ Explosion Bus, the incredible, funny & incredibly funny new webseries from Jonathan Katz, of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist fame. Like Dr. Katz, Explosion Bus is animated with an innovative, minimalist drawing style. Each week, they accept auditions for next week’s show. I decided to perform some of my patented close-up magic tricks.

For moreĀ Explosion Bus, check out their official website: http://explosionbus.com/

UPDATE: We did it! My magic audition made it into Episode 9 of Explosion Bus. Check out the explosive goodness here: