Point – Counterpoint: The Archies

In which I debate my good friend, the great Ken Reid, on the important topic of the Archies.

Anybody’s Game

Legend of Zelda: Part Three

The Ramones Show

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of the Ramones, and my obsession with the punk rock quartet has manifested itself as my new Twitter account: “The Ramones Show”

Every day, I write storylines for an imagined Ramones sitcom, starring the band as themselves. So check it out if you like high concept sitcoms, the Ramones, comedy, pizza, video games, candy. Most things, really. Just check it out if you have good taste in things.

Legend of Zelda: Part Two

The Legend of Zelda

Comic in Residence

Check out this promo I put together while preparing for my month long residency at the legendary Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. I’ve been opening every show at the club for the entire month of March.

Wacky Weekday

The latest short film from Anthony and Harvey. Check out our latest exciting adventure.

The Return of Anthony & Harvey

Here’s the latest (& possibly greatest) video of me & my twin brother Harvey.

Please watch, enjoy, share, RT, tweet or whatever.

Spot Anthony in “Here Comes the Boom”

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new contest: “Spot Anthony in ‘Here Comes the Boom.’”

As you’re probably aware, I was an extra in the soon to be released Kevin James film. The first person to spot me in my scene (or scenes(?)) can send me a Facebook message through my fan page detailing exactly where I am in the movie and win a bevy of prizes, including:

One (1) signed headshot
One (1) retweet of one of your tweets to my 270 followers
I will change my Facebook profile picture to a picture of the two of us for one (1) day

You get all that if you can spot this guy:
The movie opens October 12, and the contest will begin then. Tell your friends. Thanks!